Is Your Hair On Drugs?

Many people don't know that some of the main side effects of drug use is unpredictable hair color results and hair loss. The main culprits are cancer treatments, antidepressants, hormone treatments, thyroid medications and street drugs. For instance, if you're a pot smoker don't ever expect your hair to get pale blonde without several lightening … Continue reading Is Your Hair On Drugs?

Blow Drying Tips

Good blow dryer- There are many of them out there. My 2 favorites are Ceramic/Tourmaline and Ionic. The difference speaks for itself. Regular blow dryers run heat around coils(like the ones on a stove) potentially damaging your hair. Ceramic/Tourmaline dryers run the heat around ceramic/tourmaline plates so it heats up faster therefore dries your hair … Continue reading Blow Drying Tips

Brass Be Gone!

I've tried many purple blonding shampoos and none of them compare to Redken's new Blondage shampoo and conditioner. Add this system to your shampooing regimen once a week and leave on for 3 to 5 minutes for extra toning to get your hair it's brightest blonde! The fragrance is wonderful and it moisturizes the hair … Continue reading Brass Be Gone!


See How VERY HARD Water Affects YOU and YOUR SERVICES and WHAT I CAN DO TO GUARANTEE SUCCESSFUL RESULTS:How VERY HARD water affects Bleaching/HighlightsBlonde or bleached hair or highlights that are regularly exposed to the Very Hard Water in San Antonio will show some distinct characteristics that you will readily recognize. Among these are: • … Continue reading Water in SAN ANTONIO is: VERY HARD